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If you follow I-95, stay on Beltway 395 North, take the exit and stay right and take I / 57 at the second exit at 357 Halsted Street. Here you will also find the current real-time timetables of the 57 bus stops and a city map. East and West Interstate, including Interstate and Interstate - to - Interstate and Interstate-2.

Go south on the 57 Freeway, turn left on Oak Park Avenue, then south on the 57 Freeways, turn right at the Beltway 395 North exit.

We strive to ensure that more guests enjoy the comfort of the Suite of Dreams Hotel, and offer friendly and welcoming service. Hotels and Prices includes all the details you need to know about hotels and lodges near the exit or elsewhere in Marion.

re traveling for pleasure or work, we have a wide variety of camping options in Marion, Illinois. We offer access to Kennebec KOA campsites in South Dakota and SD, located just a few miles south of Marion on the Illinois-Minnesota border.

The MBTA's 57 bus service has 30 stops that depart from Keene Hall and Galleywood and end at Centenary Way in Beaulieu Park. The 57 bus to Clapham Park has 61 stops that depart from Fairfield Bus Station D and end at Marion Station on Main Street and Main Avenue in Marion, Illinois, south of downtown. And the 57 heading in that direction from Be Paul's Park, which has 31 stops, with a 30 stop leaving Keenen Hall in Gallywood and ending at Beauliete Park on the centenary, and a 31 stop at Fairfields Bus Station D.

SOUTH - Direction downtown onto I-80 West, turn right and follow T & O south on Route 31. South of 80 West, take I / 57 and turn left onto Biola Avenue to join 91 EAST. Turn right, leave Firestone and take Center Street at Marion light, and go south of Main Street, south of Main Avenue, east of Marion.

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More About Mattoon

More About Mattoon