Mattoon Illinois Attractions

We have compiled a list of the best Christmas lighting shows in the state of Illinois, including a Christmas lighting show in the park system in Madison, Illinois. Fifteen parks offer a wide range of leisure areas and activities, including hiking, biking, hiking trails, picnics and other outdoor activities. In the park system we have well-maintained baseball and softball fields as well as picnic areas, playgrounds, picnic tables, water games, a playground, an amphitheater and a picnic area.

There are several parks that are also used by the public, such as Peterson Park, which has a wide selection of hiking and biking trails and walking trails. The park has a number of privately owned parks and leisure facilities, including a large outdoor recreation area where you can enjoy nature, with hiking, biking, walking trails, picnics, picnic tables and other outdoor activities.

The Wilborn Creek recreation area also has a great campsite that can be used for camper rentals as well as picnic areas. In the park there are many other activities to do, such as hiking, biking, picnicking, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Douglas Hart Nature Center is also a great place where visitors can stroll through the park with a variety of natural exhibits. Visitors and locals are invited to learn about the fauna and flora of the state of Illinois.

Take your motorhome with Mattoon to Wolf Creek State Park and swim in the refreshing waters of Lake Shelbyville and enjoy the sunset over the water. As we continue to offer destinations that make our state wonderful, please take the right precautions and add them to your bucket list at a later date.

Spend the day visiting the various historic sites in the area, and that's what you'll find in these 11 iconic restaurants. Known for its special style of fried chicken, this beautiful barn-style restaurant has been around since 1967. It has been one of the best chicken joints in our state since the 1970s. After more than 40 years, guests are still in a good mood, even at weekends.

Gene and Betty Hoots bought the Frigid Queen ice cream shop in 1952, expanded it and changed its name to Burger King to reflect the expanded menus they had added over the years. The Hootses believe the chain has the right to open anywhere in Illinois outside the Mattoon area, although a company and a chain in Florida believe their federal brand trumps the state, but in the end it's the "Burger King" brand in Florida. Find out where the previous use of this name is valid and whether it is valid in your state.

The city of Mattoon offers a variety of parks and recreational opportunities in and around downtown, including Peterson Park and Lawson Park. There are also a number of museums in the area, including the Illinois Museum of Natural History and the National Historic Landmarks Museum. These museums include the American Civil War Museum, the U.S. Army War Memorial and a U.S. Navy Museum.

When Bryant heard that Matson intended to sell his wife and children when he returned, he fled the Illinois farm to seek refuge in the small town of Charleston, about 30 miles south of Mattoon. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer who lived in Springfield before his parents moved here, and his burgeoning legal practice often took him to Charleston, especially in the 1840s. The property also houses the Lincoln family home, which Lincoln left after becoming president. Although Abrahamincoln never lived in the area, his family visited their Charleston home and the area they had lived in since 1840, but he never visited them again.

The park even houses the Little Grand Canyon, which is a sight to behold, and there are a number of great places for lunch that serve delicious food and offer a piece of history and attraction all in one. Although Mattoon is located at the southern tip of Illinois and has more attractions than you can imagine, a small road trip there is worth a day trip.

Arrowheads and artifacts have been discovered in the park that bear witness to the history of the Indians, including the Piankashaw Illinois tribe.

The vast majority of the early settlers came from this area, and many pioneers migrated to Coles County, which was a route between West Indiana and Kentucky. The embargo, however, required the route to pass through the wooded areas of North and South Colosseum counties, and in 1834 J.M. Pecks Gazetteer of Illinois listed a number of new settlements in the wooded area, most of which passed through North Coledon County. In 1835, many of these settlers migrated north from the Woodland Hills area, as this is one of those routes from the West Indies to Kentucky, as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources reports.

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More About Mattoon